Research task: Multiple viewpoints


This is fantastic! The artist has created a combination of a floor plan with different view points that also gives the impression of a 3D box that has been opened up from the top in different segments and pinned down so we can see inside. This is a very unusual way to capture an interior. What is also interesting is how some of the images in each segment are the same pieces of the room but from a different angle e.g. the chandelier appears twice as does the bottom right and left section with a dresser and mirror. I also love how the perspective lines and vanishing points are still visible in pencil or light ink that protrude from the main coloured parts of the drawing, really giving the birds-eye view plan feel to it. The middle main segment has really been drawn as if the viewer is above but also looking up. The side sections come down from the top into the middle section again really giving the idea of the perpendicular walls of the room even though they are not at correct angles and it also draws in the view from the sides into the middle where the man and women are sitting in the living room. The style and colour is quite playful with a complementary colour scheme of warm reds/pinks, yellows and greens. I also find it quite rhythmic and patterned which comes up through the carpet and wallpaper.


This image seems much more intimate, probably because of a combination of the landscape view which seems to bring us closer to the main subject and also because its also a person at rest on the bed which for me implies intimacy. In fact the image is so close to the subjects that the cut off aspect of the feet, bed, table etc. further brings intimacy but also flatness. Enhancing the flatness more is the fact that there is little to no tone and there are hardly any lines or perspectives. Indeed the only reason we get any depth is because of the mirror and the image projected back at the top and where the difference in size of the image in the mirror is smaller and thus gives a sense of depth. The inaccurate splashes of colour, pattern and movement is playful and for me has a movement and rhythm even though the subject is lying down and you also have sensation of peace and stillness which is a nice contrast and makes me think more of a summery breeze coming in maybe reflected by the movement of the curtains.


This image is more secretive due to the vertical composition and the fact that part of the subject is also behind a table and her position is kind of curled up on a chair and looking down so it feels like we are peeking through a door in the corner to see. The clear diagonal line from the table on the bottom right to the subject in the middle helps give that perspective and the more forward facing background really puts the subject in a corner. I like the suggestion that there is a window on the left marked by the way the light hits the right hand wall and the subject and tone under her and the two tables. I still find it intimate from the idea that she is in a towel gown drying off after a shower and maybe having some breakfast or just waking up for the day. With it being such a normal daily kind of routine thing and the solid colours I find it also gives the impression of a quiet moment, a slow start to the day, a solemn day.

Other contemporary artists:

Philip Geiger

Geiger, P. (2004). Three thirty PM. [Oil] Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2021]

Geiger was an American artist born in 1956 in Florida. His interiors are really realistic and based on daily moments with family inside their house so it’s really intimate and although realistic, they have texture and a bit of movement and it feels like he is capturing fleeting moments. I really like the style and feel of these and many of his paintings really capture light very well – like this one with the window light on the floor.

Michelle Winnie

Winnie, M. (2011). Dear John. [Acrylic on paper] Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2021].‌

Michelle Winnie is a Canadian painter and has also done a lot of interiors with great light though mainly with acrylic on paper. I am quite surprised at how much depth and richness of colour she is getting with acrylic and I really also love the light capturing and realism yet with brush strokes and character that have a very elegant style.

Karina Knight

Knight, K. (n.d.). Home. [online] KARINA KNIGHT. Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2021].‌

Knight has some lovely interiors and on her website she explains that “the challenge is capturing the light and the silence in intimate spaces just before something changes”. I think she captures this well! She is British artist who used to be an interior designer and set up in France to do her painting. She builds on the history and sense of the location and for her paintings uses oil, watercolour and graphite.

Ethel Sands

Tate Modern (n.d.). Ethel Sands 1873–1962. [online] Tate Modern. Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2021].‌

Ethel Sands was an English socialite and provided venues for artists and others to come together. She has a very traditional style and I enjoy the movement and rhythmic brush strokes and colours she uses though clearly all of her subjects and interiors are very upper class and luxurious looking – which I enjoy less as I find it more old fashioned and bit too flowery for my taste.

Jennifer O’Connell

O’Connell, J. (n.d.). Jennifer O’Connell Bio. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2021].‌

I absolutely love these interiors by this interior and still-life painter from New York. In her website she describes what inspires here “The daily artifacts found in the rooms we inhabit are charged with life; everyday poetry. It is through these familiar things that we uncover the extraordinary…capturing neither the past, nor the future, a painting contains repeated notations of the ungraspable present moment.” The colour schemes and capturing of light and movement is really dynamic. She wonders off into more abstract application of small blocks of colour and uses a lot of negative space and bigger blocks of colour too. It has a really contemporary and joyful feel and style and mainly uses oil paints.

Ella Fles

Fles, E. (n.d.). Contemporary Artist & Painter, Ella Fleš, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. [online] Ella Fleš, Contemporary Artist & Painter. Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. 2021].‌

Fles is an artist who has done interiors, landscapes, figures and portraits and more. For the interiors she uses acrylic on canvas and I also really like how she is capturing light and shadow and also a lot of mark making in a very hectic and linear way in the top left painting to imply light, movement and the interior itself.

She was born in then Yugoslavia and is now based in Vancouver, Canada.

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