As part of the advice from my tutor and the reading materials, we are encouraged to practice sketching when I can. I have done this on some occasions when I could and I found it a lot of fun though it’s definitely not easy for me to sketch strangers who move around a lot so this is an excellent exercise for me to get looser with my sketching and hone in my observational skills. I will keep on posting more as I go and accompanying these with my thoughts.

I first started this during COVID-19 lockdown so tried to stick to drawing things around the flat. I tried to time myself and shorten the time and re-sketch the same still life but in less and less time which really showed me how much I try to be too perfect from the beginning and helped me be more fluid though I still have a lot to do.

This was my first trial and I do love flowers and organic shapes and feel much more comfortable drawing this and felt like even when getting down to only a minute or two, I could get a decent shape and communicate what the image is. It also of course helps that I have just done longer sketches of the same object(s) so this also somehow sets the way for how you start. I also learned though this process how to better think about the main elements and composition first so I could fit it all together well before starting to be too detailed on one flower head or where the vase is and this helps make sure you don’t end up running off the page – as you see I did in some of my drawings below 🙂

I then tried some toiletry products (below) but as I mentioned, when not organic shapes – I get a bit more picky about getting it right and found this harder as I had less and less time. I also just enjoy the subject of my drawings here less too so that probably doesn’t help 🙂

What becomes clear is that when I have the time, I can certainly be a little more precise – as per some of my general sketches below! I love the lilies and also tried out some of my paint pens and ink together with the pencil drawing and some linear mark making to create the effect of the leaves and cross-hatch shadowing to make the white of the lilies stand out.

I also sat at the lake one day and tried to sketch the view of the lake fountain (jet d’eau) which I really love. This time I used charcoal and maybe took about 15-20 minutes to get a general sketch of this. It was interesting trying to get the water cascading effect and I may have had a beer at the time as I sat in the sun for inspiration!

I also used charcoal and pencil to draw my little door stop ‘bouquetin’ (Swiss kind of goat) and tried to get the fuzzy texture of the teddy-like object by using the side of the charcoal and not the point.

With the new public lake beach now opened up I have tried to do some direct observation of people though I certainly felt awkward staring at people and trying to draw them – and I found this quite hard as people are very fidgety! I found it easier when I tried to really focus on shapes and form in general first to get the first main elements before adding details – especially because people would move around a lot. So here are some very basic first sketches over a couple of minutes each time. Next time I will need to find a more hidden away place so I can spend more time and be bolder about my observations and drawings!

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